A Holistic Approach

Committed to offering personalized services crafted to meet the individual needs of her clients, Nadia has developed a holistic approach to her practice, forging relationships with highly regarded psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists in order to address the underlying issues which often lead to conflict with the law and with one’s regulator. Nadia seeks to ensure that her clients receive not only the support they need to deal with the immediate problem, but also to address underlying issues which effect their lives beyond the justice or disciplinary processes.

Nadia’s approach is thoughtful, discreet and takes into consideration her clients’ privacy needs. She has appeared as counsel on numerous matters where her clients were found “not criminally responsible” or lacking capacity. Following such findings, she has appeared before the Ontario Review Board as counsel, ensuring her clients continue to have a voice as they reintegrate back into Society. In regulatory matters, she seeks to maintain the balance between transparency and the privacy interests of her clients.