The Criminal Justice System

With over 20 years of experience working as defence counsel in both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice, I have represented both adult and young persons across Ontario facing charges ranging from shoplifting, domestic assault, sexual assault, robbery and murder. I have represented persons who have raised the defence of not criminally responsible, both in criminal court and later, before the Ontario Review Board.

For the past ten years, I have also worked as a Crown Attorney on a per diem basis. This has allowed me to appreciate the issues and challenges faced by Crown Attorney’s in presenting and reviewing allegations of criminal conduct.

Over the years I have come to appreciate that there is quite often an underlying cause behind allegations of criminal conduct. I have developed a unique approach when defending my clients or when representing complainants. I recognize there is often a benefit to taking a creative approach and working “outside the box”. I have teamed up with various agencies, mental health and addiction professionals, as well as family members and friends to provide my clients with the support they require as they navigate through the criminal justice system and beyond.